Improvement of energy efficiency and air quality in the areas of outstanding natural value, including NATURA 2000 areas,


introducing renewable energy systems based on solar systems for 2349 families from the Suski Poviat and one solar system for the local hospital in Sucha Beskidzka





The areas of natural value and the scale of pollution to be eliminated as a result of the project were determined for the project location.
The most valuable area in the Suski Poviat is the massif of Babia Góra (1725 m above the sea level) located in the Babiogórski National Park, with the head office is based in Zawoja. It is included in the NATURA 2000 network and was entered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 








Before the work on the project started, the analysis of the options of obtaining energy from alternative sources was conducted and solar energy proved the most effective due to the local conditions.
The project documentation (including construction evaluations), cost estimates and take-offs for each of 2349 residential buildings and the hospital buildings were prepared and all the permits required by the Construction Law were obtained. The documentation includes the functional and technical description of the system within residential buildings. There is an Investor’s cost estimate for each of the 2349 buildings and, additionally, the total cost estimate for the works within all buildings. 
All the solar collectors fitted within the project will have to comply with PN-EN 12975-1 standard (Thermal solar systems and components – Solar collectors), as confirmed by the certificate issued by an accredited laboratory verifying their durability and the environmental effect achieved.

 The solar collectors boast the reputable quality label of   SOLAR KEYMARK



A variety of promotional activities were designed, which includes meetings with residents, participation in conferences at the national, regional and local level, preparation of a website in the CMS system with Polish and English language version, preparation of information boards and banners, printing and distribution of a publication about the experiences related to the project implementation.




Specific aims and expected results:


Improvement of air quality in areas of outstanding natural beauty, i.e. the Babia Góra National Park included in UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves, the following NATURA 2000 areas: PLH 12 001 – Babia Góra , PLH 12 0012 – Na Policy, PLH 240023 – Beskid Mały, PLB 120006 – the mountain range of Polica, Zenon Klemensiewicz nature reserve, CORINE biotopes.



1.     Improvement of air quality in a mountainous border area, which, because of its landform features, suffers from the accumulation of pollution. The Suski Poviat borders with the Slovak Poviat of Namestovo on the south. The investment, when implemented, will definitely contribute to the improvement of air quality  in border areas.
2.     Pollution reduction by about 4 147 t within a year (20 735 t within five years), including the annual reduction of CO2 emissions by 4 092 t, SO2 emissions by 33 t, NOx emissions by 2.3 t, PM emissions by 19.8 t.
3.     Better quality of life for local residents who will live in the clean environment. 
4.     Reduction of the use of conventional fuels: coal by about 1138 t/year, coal necessary to generate electricity in power plants by 569/t/year, gas by 0.0360 million m3/year, fuel oil by 11.78 m3/year. 
5.     Increase of the share of solar energy in the national energy balance by 35 279 GJ/year, where 60% (21167 GJ/year) will replace the energy obtained by burning coal, 35% (12 347 GJ/year) will replace the energy obtained by burning coal in power plants, 4% (1411 GJ/year) will replace the energy obtained by burning gas and 1% (354 GJ/year) will replace the energy obtained by burning fuel oil.
6.     Reduction of socio-economic disparities by savings resulting from the use of solar systems, which amount to about PLN 3.3 million/year, development of pro-environmental technologies.
7.      Installation of solar systems for 2349 families in the Suski Poviat of the total surface of 17 227 m2 and the capacity of 10.6 MW.
8.     Execution of a solar system for the local hospital in Sucha Beskidzka of the surface of 300 m2 and the capacity of about 300 kW. 
9.     Increase of the environmental awareness of 13 485 persons.