The Suski Poviat obtained PLN 13.5 million as co-financing from the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme for the installation of solar panels.



On 13 May 2013, the Swiss delegation arrived at the Castle in Sucha Beskidzka. The delegation members included:

  1. Mr Lukas Beglinger –  Ambassador of Switzerland
  2. Mr Simon Geissbühler – Minister of the Swiss Embassy
  3. Mr Dominique Favre – Director of the Swiss Contribution Office
  4. Mr Tripet Florent Cordier – Secretary of the Committee
  5. Mr Andreas Aebi  – Swiss People’s Party, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  6. Mr Roland Büchel – Swiss People’s Party, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  7. Mr Hans-Jürg Fehr – Social Democratic Party, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  8. Ms Tiana Moser – Green Party,  Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  9. Mr Walter Müller – National Council (FDP Liberals), Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  10. Mr Martin Naef – Social Democratic Party, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  11. Mr Maximilian Reimann – Swiss People’s Party, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee



The Suski Poviat was represented by:

  1. Mr Tadeusz Gancarz –Starost of Sucha Beskidzka
  2. Mr Jan Woźny –Deputy Starost of Sucha Beskidzka
  3. Mr Wit Mateusz Sarlej – Member of the Poviat Board
  4. Mr Stanisław Pawlik – Advisor to the Starost
  5. Mr Artur Krużlak – Chairman of the Environmental Committee of the Suski Poviat Council
  6. Mr Marek Haber – Director of the Health Care Institution in Sucha Beskidzka
  7. Mr Paweł Dyrcz – Head of the Environment Department, Coordinator of the Solar Programme


The meeting was also attended by:

  1. Ms Katarzyna Kachel – CEO of Solver sp. z o.o.,
  2. Mr Paweł Hajdyła – Coordinator of Works at Solver sp. z o.o.,
  3. Mr Bogdan Krawczyk – Investor’s Supervision Inspector,
  4. Mr Jan Najdek – Mayor of the commune of Budzów.
  5. Ms Teresa Jasiewicz – Environment Department
  6. Ms Maria Karcz - Environment Department
  7. Mr Marek Mrugacz – Environment Department
  8. Ms Elwira Listwan- Environment Department
  9. Mr Grzegorz Malinowski – Environment Department


The delegation was greeted by the Deputy Starost, Mr Jan Woźny. During the meeting the Project Coordinator, Mr Paweł Dyrcz, presented the history and aims of the project as well as the reasons for its implementation. Thanking for the subsidy granted, he emphasized that the project is the result of work of the entire team managing it.

The Director of the Swiss Contribution Office, Mr Dominique Favre, thanked for the good cooperation so far between the Coordinator, the Environment Department and the Swiss Contribution Office.

The Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr Lukas Beglinger, emphasised that this kind of projects provide excellent opportunities for cooperation between states.

Further on, the Swiss guests went to see the solar system installed on the local hospital building in Sucha Beskidzka.

Concluding the visit, the Starost of Sucha Beskidzka, Mr Tadeusz Gancarz, thanked for the subsidy and ensured the participants that the funds earmarked for the project implementation will be used in a proper manner.