On 11 June 2014 the Suski Poviat hosted a Swiss-Polish delegation as part of an annual official meeting within the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme. 






The Swiss delegation was represented by

  1. Roland Python  – Swiss Contribution Office
  2. Hugo Bruggmann – SECO Switzerland
  3. Ralph Amman – SECO  Switzerland
  4. Sylwia Słomiak – Swiss Contribution Office
  5. Dominika Wieczorek – Swiss Contribution Office


The Polish delegation was represented by:

  1. Michał Ziętara  – Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
  2. Monika Zawistowska – Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
  3. Marzena Wieczorek – Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
  4. Dorota Chmielewska – Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
  5. Małgorzata Głowacka – Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
  6. Joanna Tańska – Ministry of Finance
  7. Dagmara Wolska  – Interpreter


The Suski Poviat was represented by:

  1. Tadeusz Gancarz –Starost of Sucha Beskidzka 
  2. Jan Woźny –Deputy Starost of Sucha Beskidzka 
  3. Paweł Dyrcz  – Project Coordinator 


The Swiss-Polish delegation was greeted by the Starost of Sucha Beskidzka, Mr Tadesz Gancarz, who thanked them for the financial support of the project. Paweł Dyrcz gave a presentation about the project discussing the material effects, expected environmental effects and economic effects related to the project implementation as well as promotional activities.

The representatives of the Swiss-Polish delegation thanked the team implementing the project for their commitment  and, at the same time, were pleased to emphasise that the aims of the project set so far had been achieved, some of them to an even greater extent than expected at the stage when the application was submitted.

Further on, the delegation went to see the solar systems installed on residential buildings and on the hospital building.