The solar collectors used in the systems are flat plate collectors manufactured by GERES ASCO  Sp z o.o. > see 




Collector type:  G 5

Made in Poland



The solar collectors fulfil the requirements of the following standards, as confirmed by the relevant tests:


  1. EN 12975-1 :2006
  2. EN 12975-2: 2006


The test for compliance with SOLAR KEYMARK  (the trademark can be seen below) were conducted at the AENOR accredited laboratory in Spain in 2011. The certificate is valid until 2016.   > see 


SOLAR KEYMARK  certification ensures that the quality of collectors is maintained throughout the manufacturing process as solar collectors are randomly picked from the production line in order to be tested. Solar collectors are picked for tests during the certificate validity period. 



Characteristics of solar collectors:

  1. Size  1206x2106x80 mm
  2. Absorption surface  2.44 m2
  3. Efficiency 86 %
  4. Absorption ratio  95.3 %
  5. Emission ratio 4.7 %
  6. Anti-reflex glass  
  7. Copper absorber panel
  8. Aluminium casing with an additional layer of paint


 This characteristics should be understood in the following way:

  • 1-2. the greater the surface, the greater the energy yield.
  • 3. the greater the efficiency of the collector, the greater its yield, the efficiency of the collectors used is high because the average efficiency of collectors offered on the market is 79%-82%.
  • 4. The greater the value of the ratio, the better as the collector will absorb more solar energy.
  • 5. The lower the ratio, the better as less energy will be dispersed when sun rays reach the collector surface.
  • 4-5. These values at the level of, respectively, 95 % and 5 %, mean that the collector is covered with a selective coating, which is ETA PLUS for the collectors installed, one of the best on the market.
  • 6. Anti-reflex glass increases the collector efficiency by eliminating reflexes and increasing its permeability due to the use of an adequate glass structure.
  • 7.  It is recommended that the absorber material is made of the same material as the system tubing in order to prevent the potential difference. The tubing used is made of copper.
  • 8. Aluminium in combination with an additional coating of paint increases the lifespan of the solar collector. 


·        How to assemble and operate a solar collector > see  







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Certyfikat Solar Keymark
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