The Swiss Polish Cooperation Programme agreed to co-finance the purchase of a vehicle from the savings in the project. The vehicle will be used to:  

  • perform the works related to the project
  • promote the project


The Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme  co-financed the vehicle purchase in 77 % . The Suski Poviat paid only the costs of the VAT tax amounting to 23%. 



The car features:

  • the Donors’ logos
  • the website address
  • a graphic design of a family with solar collectors in the background
  • information about Donors


Technical information:

  • Outdoor Ambition
  • 4 wheel drive
  • capacity /power  – 1.8 TSI /160 KM
  • guarantee  – 4 years or 120 000 km


We want to thank our Donors


Project Coordinator

Paweł Dyrcz