1. The Contractor grants the Awarding Entity a quality guarantee covering the object of the Contract (including proper operation of the system).

The owner of the real property on which a given solar system was installed shall be jointly entitled under the quality guarantee.


2. The term of validity of the quality guarantee shall be as follows, respectively:

  • for solar collectors (including the absence of steam condensation) - 120 months 
  • for tanks   – 84  months
  • for all remaining works and installed equipment – 60  months
  • information boards together with colour stability guarantee -  60 months

The Contractor is obliged to provide services as requested in quality guarantee claims provided that the claim is delivered to the Contractor within the guarantee validity term.






3. The Contractor represents that the Awarding Entity’s guarantee will not become void and the system and its components will not be damaged in connection with the downtimes associated with the absence of water distribution from the system during the period of high insolation, including power outage and sub-zero temperatures.

4. During the guarantee period, the Awarding Entity or owners of the real properties shall not be obliged to perform any paid activities or inspections.


5. Moreover, the Contractor shall:

  • conduct inspections of systems and their individual components as part of the contract price following the recommendations of the manufacturers of these appliances.
  • carry out, together with the Awarding Entity, guarantee inspections of the specific appliances of the systems installed as part of the contract price.  The inspection will start not earlier than 6 months before the guarantee expiry date for individual appliances and end not later than 2 months before the expiry of the respective guarantee period.
  • Remove all defects discovered as part of the inspection within 14 days from the day of the inspection and discovery of the defect, and carry out venting and other activities necessary for the system to operate properly, should they be necessary.


6. The guarantee or warranty period shall run from the date of acceptance of a given portion of the works completed under the Investment Project.


7. The owner of the real property shall report the occurrence of the events covered by the quality guarantee to the Contractor by phone or via email at the phone number or e-mail address provided in the acceptance report. > see


8. The Contractor shall be obliged to assure the processing of guarantee claims and shall maintain the e-mail address and phone number for reporting events covered by the guarantee/warranty throughout the entire guarantee period.


9. The phone number intended for reporting breakdowns shall be operational, as a minimum, from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except for holidays. The cost of the call shall not exceed the rates charged on inter-city calls.


10. After receiving a guarantee/warranty claim, the Contractor shall be obliged to evaluate its legitimacy.


11. Upon recognition of the guarantee/warranty claim, the Contractor shall be obliged to remove the faults, if any, within 7 days of the date of their notification.


12. The guarantee/warranty shall not cover the damage caused through the user’s fault.


13. The Contractor shall be obliged to issue and submit to the Awarding Entity the original of the guarantee/warranty document for each component of the Investment Project subject to the acceptance procedure at the time of signing of the acceptance report. At the same time, the Contractor shall transmit a copy of that document to the owner of the real property.