1)  Project inauguration:

 The inauguration of the project was held at the Castle in Sucha Beskidzka on 27 September 2009.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the representatives of the institutions financing the project, i.e.:

  1. Deputy Director of the Swiss Contribution Office – Mr Roland Python
  2. President of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw - Mr Jan Rączka 
  3. Deputy President of the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management  in Kraków – Mr Józef Kała 

as well as  mayors, town council members,  representatives of the residents participating in the project.  >> see more




2) Presenting information about the project:

   a) at national conferences   > see 1    > see 2    >see 3

   b) at regional conferences  > see

   c)   at schools  > see

   d) at training session/meetings with the poviat residents > see

   e) every quarter at the meeting of the Poviat Council attended by the representatives of the local authorities and the press

   f)  in promotional materials, films, articles and newspapers,    > see

  g)  on the promotional vehicle  > see



3) Creating the project website

 Providing information about the project (in Polish and English), with day-to-day updates and a CMS generator


4) Preparing 23 information boards 

    1.5 m x 2 m boards will placed at the entry road to each commune




5) Preparing 10 roll-up banners 

    Roll-up banners will be placed in municipal buildings, i.e. the school and the swimming pool.



6) Preparing a publication about the project 

The book (100-120 pages, 4000 copies printed), presenting the experiences related to the implementation of the project, will be sent to all town, commune and poviat offices (2858 copes) and 30 libraries; the pdf file of the book will be available from the website.


7)  Preparing and organising a review conference

The review conference of the project attended by the representatives of the media, communes, poviats, the Małopolska Region, local community at the castle in Sucha Beskidzka for 200-250 persons.