This device is used to control the insulation. It has a graphic display panel showing the animation of the appliances connected to it. It makes it possible to manage the solar system in an easy and effective way. 




  • Controller characteristics  >>see



 The manual includes:

  1. Description of the appliance
  2. Technical data
  3. Operation of the appliance
  4. Alarms
  5. Description of additional functions
  • Holiday mode
  • Overheating protection
  • Freezing protection
  • Legionnella function
  • Cooling function
  • Heat convection function




All manuals can be found in a folder which is distributed among the programme participants when the works are accepted.






Instrukcja  Sterownika
Instrukcja Sterownika
Instrukcja sterownika.pdf

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Charakterystyka Sterownika
Charakterystyka Sterownika
Charakterystyka sterownika.pdf

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