The pump unit aims to force the circulation of the solar liquid flowing between the solar collector and the heat exchanger (often referred to as the tank). The solar liquid transmits heat from the solar collector to the exchanger.

The core of the pump unit is the circulating pump of specific parameters which enables the operation of the solar system as required. The pumps purchased fulfil the project design parameters and have energy class A, which will lower the costs of the system use as its power consumption will be lower. 



The pump used in pump units is  WILO Stratos PARA 25/1-7


A detailed characteristics of WILO Stratos PARA 25/1-7  can be found in the catalogue attached below.


Characteristics of the pump unit
  • two-node unit (supply and return) 
  • two cut-off valves with built-in non-return valves and 0-160oC thermometers
  • safety unit with a 0-10 bar manometer
  • air separator
  • flowmeter
  • filling valves
  • venting device
  • energy class A A



  • Pump unit manual > see




Katalog Produktów WILO
Katalog Produktów WILO
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