This device is used to control the insulation. It has a graphic display panel showing the animation of the appliances connected to it. It makes it possible to manage the solar system in an easy and effective way.

The controller used has the following characteristics:
  • graphic and sound alarm signals
  • manual cooling function
  • remembers the operation modes of all functions of the controller if there is a power outage 
  • solar system animation monitoring function
  • overheating and damage protection
  • holiday mode securing the system when the user is away
  • protection against Legionnella
  • protection against freezing in winter
  • precise measurements of the solar liquid flow
  • recording and visualising of the collector capacity and thermal energy
  • built-in real-time clock 
  • regulation of the circulating pump velocity
  • selection of the tank heating priority in complex systems 
  • management of alarm and keyboard sounds