Switzerland    5-7 June 2013   

Aim of the visit

Expanding knowledge on solar systems and their use as well as other environment-friendly technologies utilizing solar energy sources

We are extremely grateful to the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme for organising and financing the study visit which enabled us to acquire new experiences, helpful in the implementation of our project and in our future endeavours. 


1. HSR SPF  Rapperswil- Testing Institute for solar collectors    www.solarenergy.ch  

As one of the few of such centres in Europe, the Institute is entitled to test solar collectors for their compliance with standard EN 12975 – 1   Solar thermal systems and their components – Solar collectors.       




2. Solar collector plant  SOLTOP -  Elgg    www.soltop.ch 

SOLTOP is the leading producer of solar collectors in Switzerland with extensive experience in the manufacturing and assembly of systems.






3. Solar system of  120 m2 - Zurich HÖNGG

The system for DHW preparation for a multi-family building. 



4. Exhibition Centre Umwelt – Arena  - Spreintenbach  www.umweltarena.ch

The Umwelt- Arena building is an example of energy-efficient construction.



5.  19 solar systems for multi-family buildings – Zurich  -  www.solarline.ch

 Solar systems for DHW preparation located within a housing estate.



6. Solar system – Sports and Recreation Centre – Greifensee

 The system made on the basis of SOLTOP collectors working in the non-pressure system without membrane vessels; the collection vessel for the solar liquid is placed on the roof. The system was initially designed for DHW preparation, currently it has been expanded to include the function of heating water in the open air pool.




7.  15 solar systems for DHW and 6 PV systems – Mönchaltdorf

A visit to a terraced house owned by a renewable energy enthusiast.  




8. Solar system  – Nursing and Residential Home – Rämismühle Zell

A private building with about 80 residents. The solar system surface has 125 m2, it has a SOLTOP  system mounted on the roof. 




Prepared by : Paweł  Dyrcz

Photographs: Marek Mrugacz, Maria Karcz      







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