The 6th Solar Energy Industry Forum was held at the Artus Court in Toruń on 13-14 May 2013.  >see 






The list of eminent speakers included:

  • Professor Maciej Nowicki
  • Mr Roland Phyton -  Deputy Director of the Swiss Contribution Office
  • Ms Sylwia Słomiak – Swiss Contribution Office
  • Ms Małgorzata  Skucha – President of National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw
  • Mr Robin Welling – President of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation
  • Mr Grzegorz Wiśniewski President of the Board of IEO
  • Mr Tomasz Włostowski Managing Partner, EUTRADEDEFENCE, Bruxelles
  • Mr Piotr Pryciński acting Deputy Director of the Programme Management Department,  National Centre for Research and Development
  • Mr Janusz Pilitowski  Director of the Renewable Energy Department, Ministry of the Economy

Among the guests there was Paweł Dyrcz, the Project Coordinator, who gave a presentation on the project focusing on:

  • Experiences related to the implementation of “The Programme for Enhancing the Use of Renewable Energy Sources and Improving the Quality of Air within the Natura 2000 Areas in the Poviat of Sucha Beskidzka”
  • Project Donors
  • Examples of the investments carried out

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Participation in the Forum enabled the promotion of the project and the region at the national level, which would be impossible if not for the trust that the Donors and the residents of the Suski Poviat placed in us.


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Presentations given at the Forum  :