In the period of  22 – 24 October  2012 the Suski Poviat hosted a delegation of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme, one of the donors in the project.

The visit on 22-23 October was held in the presence of Mr Jerzy Piszczek, an expert of the Fund. The Deputy Director of the Swiss-Polish Contribution Office, Mr Roland Python, and Ms Sylwia Słomiak arrived to participate in the visit on 24 October 2010. On the poviat side, the persons present included Mr Paweł Dyrcz, the Project Coordinator, and Mr Paweł Hajdyła, the Coordinator of the Works appointed by the Contractor, as well as the Investor’s Supervision inspectors.

The guests visited the hospital and several residential buildings where the solar systems had been or were being fitted. The aim of the visit was to monitor the implementation of the programme involving the installation of 2349 solar systems on residential buildings and one solar system on the hospital building.

During the visit, the representatives of the SPCP had an opportunity to meet the Starost of Sucha Beskidzka – Mr Tadeusz Gancarz, the Deputy Starost – Mr Jan Woźny, Head of the Environment Department and the Coordinator of the Project appointed by the Suski Poviat – Mr Paweł Dyrcz, the CEO of Solver – Ms Katarzyna Kachel, the Coordinator of the Project appointed by Solver – Mr Pawel Hajdyła, supervision inspectors as well as the owners of the buildings where the solar panel were being fitted. 



On 25 October 2012 there was a meeting of the coordinators of solar programmes implemented as part of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme.

The conference was attended by:

  1. Representatives of local administration units that started the installation of solar panels (the Suski Poviat, the communes of Busko Zdrój, Mszana Dolna, Wieliczka, Niepołomice, the Association of the Communes of the Wisłoka River Basin in Jasło, the commune of Skawina)
  2.  Head of the Foreign Aid Programme Implementation Department, Ms Aleksandra Guzowska, and Mr Konrad Łaciński from the Legal Analysis Department of the Ministry of Regional Development,
  3.  Head of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme Implementation Department, Mr Tomasz Dyląg from the Implementing Authority for European Programmes,
  4.  Ms Sylwia Słomiak from the Swiss Contribution Office
  5.  Mr Jerzy Piszczek, an expert of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme 
  6. Deputy Starost of Sucha Beskidzka, Mr  Jan Woźny
  7. Project Coordinator, Mr  Paweł Dyrcz, together with his staff members from the Environment Department, Ms Teresa Jasiewicz  and Mr Marek Mrugacz 

During the meeting the Deputy Starost extended special thanks to the Ministry of Regional Development, which is the Implementing Authority for European Programmes, for the support received, which made it possible to carry out the solar programme in the Suski Poviat.

The Coordinator of the solar project in the Suski Poviat, Mr Paweł Dyrcz, presented the conclusions from the solar panel installation works carried out in the poviat so far. At the moment, only the Suski Poviat started the installation of solar systems within the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme.