Environment Department


Starostwo Powiatowe, ul. Kościelna 5b ,  34-200 Sucha Beskidzka 
rooms 113 and 109 (first floor)


(working hours 7.00 am – 3.00 pm)


+48 33 87 57 938,  +48   33 87 57 900




Paweł Dyrcz,  

e-mail: p.dyrcz@powiatsuski.pl   – Project Coordinator



Marek Mrugacz 

   e-mail : m.mrugacz@powiatsuski.pl



Paulina Tokarz-Mansour

e-mail: p.tokarz@powiatsuski.pl





Elwira Listwan  

e-mail: e.listwan@powiatsuski.pl




Izabela Sikora

e-mail: i.sikora@powiatsuski.pl



Teresa Jasiewicz

e-mail: t.jasiewicz@powiatsuski.pl 




 Finance Department


 Krystyna Kiepura

e-mail: k.kiepura@powiatsuski.pl






Along with the employees of the Environment Department, the team working on the project includes excellent staff of the Poviat Starosty Office as well as all interns and trainees who were involved in the project.

The work of everyone involved in the project would be impossible without the trust that the residents of the Suski Poviat placed in us.


 We want to thank you all