On 18 June 2014 Paweł Dyrcz and Marek Mrugacz met the students of the primary school in Toporzysko.

The subject of the meeting was the activities undertaken by the Environment Department with regard to the improvement of air quality in the poviat. The students learnt about the aims, expected effects and sources of funding of “The Programme for Enhancing the Use of Renewable Energy Sources and Improving the Quality of Air within the Natura 2000 Areas in the Poviat of Sucha Beskidzka”, part of which are the solar collectors installed on residential buildings and the hospital building.

The activities carried out by the Environment Department also include the thermo-modernisation of the poviat-owned buildings and the low emission programme. The students had an opportunity to see the equipment (inspection camera, range-finder, pyrometer, pH-meter) used by the Environment Department during the acceptance of the solar systems installed.

At the end of the meeting the students received promotional materials about the project.